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Adding IoT (Part 1) - "The Honest Assessment"

In this short podcast, we start our series on how organizations of all sizes can add IoT to improve their operations.  We start off in Part one with the "Honest Assessment."  

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About the Book

What is the book about?


The book breaks down the Internet of Things (IoT), showing how it is changing how you live, eat, work, stay healthy and how it keeps us safe!  It also examines how it makes products better, helps the environment and how it is helping those in the developing world.

Who is this book for?


I didn't want to write another technical book.  This book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about how IoT is changing our world.  It breaks down a technical subject to allow you to understand it better ...

About the author


Larry is a 20 year IoT professional, having worked in a variety of roles.  He is an influential blogger in the world of IoT.  

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